Teadora Beauty is a Seattle based startup that got the attention of the beauty publications but needed to get some local media attention to try to capture the eye of investors and other partnerships. Tech and business media were the targets, but how could a new beauty products startup be relevant for those types of technology-centric publications? 


While the products themselves are unique (all sustainably harvested with fair trade practices in the Amazon rainforest), that wasn’t enough to get play in the tech and business media. So rather than focusing on the product, we decided to focus on Teadora’s founder and the unique origin story. A former Apple executive who was inspired by her upbringing in beautiful Brazil she left her high-powered tech job to bring the love of her native home to the United States through sustainably sourced rainforest products.


Thanks to the unique tech background we were able to share Teadora’s story in several of the region’s top publications. We also did strategic outreach to Seattle’s top lifestyle publications to garner coverage and build credibility further with local press. Media relations efforts resulted in more than 5.6 million impressions in local Seattle media varying from TV, newspaper, magazine and online media. 

  • Teadora was featured in Geekwire, The Seattle Times, KOMO News, 425 Business Magazine and received multiple mentions in Seattle Met Magazine
  • In addition to bringing in sales the press clips were used in Teadora’s Kickstarter campaign that successfully reached their fundraising goal.